Dominology* ... The fun study of the Domino Theory.

In 1979,  Dominology* was borne when a team of New Zealand Dominologists * created a new World Team Record for Domino Toppling (see Guiness Book of World Records 1981)

Having spent 3 weeks setting up some 250,000 dominoes, 229,416 dominoes finally toppled in 1 minute 46 seconds thereby creating a new World Record and raising many dollars for the 1979 New Zealand Telethon International Year of the Child.

Since then, of course, this world record has been smashed many times, by various teams around the world. 

No one, though, has ever attempted a Worldwide Topple involving thousands and thousands of Dominologists*, and millions and millions of dominoes. 

The New Zealand Dominologists*, in 1983, unofficially set a new outdoor world record by toppling thousands of specially designed dominoes, through the streets of the busy central Newmarket Shopping centre in Auckland New Zealand.

This event was organised to help raise money for a New Childrens' Hospital in Auckland New Zealand.

Many commercial sponsors helped make this one of the most exciting domino topples ever undertaken. Exciting because we were able to involve the public in actually "being there" during the topple through busy city streets.

The Dominologists* even managed to cross a very busy interesection without disturbing the traffic, thereby proving that such an event could be organised on a national and even, global basis.

And now the New Zealand Dominologists* are ready to do just that ... organise and co-ordinate the greatest domino topple ever ..... A topple that will take weeks to setup and months to topple ... A Topple that will start in one country and end in another, right across the Planet.

Here's the plan. We need Commercial Sponsors. We need Dominologists*, We need Dominoes. We need You, your friends, your family, your school, your club ...everyone.

We need 14 million dominoes to setup and topple from one end of New Zealand to the other. We need approx 31 million dominoes to setup and topple from the West Coast to the East Coast of Amercia. We need 50 million dominoes to circumnavigate Australia..

If every school throughout the World were to each organise their own Topple Team and Topple Event, the New Zealand dominologists* will then link each Topple at each school, to a worldwide televised Event raising thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes around the world..

Interested .... then take the first step and make contact with Funtastic Events here in New Zealand, and register your interest


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